Love/Hate Relationships with Jumpsuits

I love a good jumpsuit. I actually think the word love is understatement. Jumpsuits are the most easiest outfit decisions ever! You can dress them up or dress them down. Pair them with heels or sneakers. They are SUPER versatile. And although I love them.... I hate them as well. I reached out to the ladies on our social medias and here are their jumpsuit/romper horror stories! 
Grab your popcorn!
"So me and my girls decided to go out one night. Boy were we having a wonderful time. After a few drinks kicked in I needed to pee. When I finally pried my friend from her club Casanova I was to the point where I was doing that funny little pee dance. When we got to the bathroom I seen the line. I thought to myself, I could either wait and risk peeing on myself or I could jet into the men's room and handle my business. Because I'm a classy lady I jetted straight to the men's room (that class goes out the window when you have to pee). FINALLY! I made it in the stall. Now this is where the story takes a turn. I had on a jumpsuit... one with a low zipper in the back and a few of those hook clip thingys. So here I am trying to extend my short arms as far as they can go to get that damn zipper down and the hooks unclipped. At this point on the pee meter I'm at a solid 9 (10 being I'm about to pee on myself). Out of no where the stall opens. IT WAS MY BEST FRIEND'S CLUB CASANOVA! Awkwardly I said "Hey! Do you think you could help me get this damn jumpsuit off?" He seen the rage in my eyes so he didn't hesitate to help. The moment was here!!!!!! I sat on the potty and did my business. After a sigh on relief I got myself together, pulled my jumpsuit up, reached to the zipper just to find that Mr. Club Casanova had broken the zipper and the clips were snatched off. Long story short, I left the club with my arms buckled behind me trying my best not to give a show."
-Zee M.
" It was my best friend's wedding and I was her maid of honor. Because she wanted to try out that whole "Solange - different pieces - everyone standing still with a death stare" look I agreed to wear the jumpsuit.  My jumpsuit was absolutely stunning. It was pale pink, halter topped with wide a palazzo pant. It hugged my curves just right. At first I was a bit skeptical just because I'm a little on the long torso/short legs side and often times jumpsuits don't fit as well. But this one, GIRL! It was nice. So the best man and I had been talking for a while. I'd say about 3 months. It tragically ended when his wife (Yes, I said wife) emailed me a whole manifesto on how she would hunt me down if I didn't leave her man alone. He was a complete dog. I knew i'd have to walk with him at the wedding. I was mentally prepared. With arms locked we sashayed down the isle. I could hear people whispering, even smirking at me. I wondered what in the hell are they smirking at?! I brushed it off. The ceremony was nice, my best friend married the man of her dreams and it was beautiful. We exited the ceremony room and standing right by the door was the best man's wife. I thought to myself "Oh lord, here comes the drama". She busted out laughing at me. Standing there clueless she points at my crotch and says "You need to get that under control". I check myself in a mirror and BOOM!!! THE. WORLDS. MOST. NOTICEABLE. CAMEL-TOE. EVERRRRR!!!!!!!!!!! I'm guessing it had ridden up on the limo ride to the church. No wonder people were smirking and whispering about me. That's when it hit me... "THIS IS WHY I LOVE AND HATE JUMPSUITS!"
- Jasmine D. 
 "It was my first time visiting the food and wine festival. Let me tell you, I was super excited. I had my outfit picked out a month in advance. It was a black and white romper with the back out. It was to die for. When we arrived to the festival I figured I'd go ahead and use it the potty and get it out of the way. I stood in line for a solid 20 minutes. By the time I got in that port-a-potty I had to pee so bad my teeth were floating. I hovered over the toilet and BOOM THE DOOR OPENS!!!!!!! I stood there, boobs out, romper down, mouth open in shock and a good 15-20 people getting a good peep at my goods. After what felt like 5 minutes the guy finally closed the door. I felt sooo embarrassed. I did not want to leave the port-a-potty. I knew all eyes would be on me when I walked out of there. BUT I gave myself a pep talk, marched right out of there with a smile on my face and my head held high. Even though I got some weird looks for the rest of the day I had a great time. LADIES! DON'T FORGET TO LOCK THE DOOR WHEN YOU'RE WEARING A ROMPER!"
-Missy J. 
Have any jumpsuit/Romper horror stories? Share them in the comments. 

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