6AM – Wake UP

8AM – Be at work

5PM – Come Home

10PM – Bed



Is this your life? Girl! You got to spice it up! As a mother, working a full time desk job and a small business owner I am always repeating the same routine. It can be hard and we sometimes forget who we are. This is why I like to spice it up. Here are 5 ways I like to switch it up!

  1. TAKE A TRIP! Me and hubby recently took a trip to Miami. When I say we rarely take trips I’m talking almost NEVER. Last weekend we decided to step out and meet up with some close friends. We had a ball. We only visited for a day but sometimes that’s all you need. We went to the beach, got all dapper for a night out, and of course got a little lit. It was well needed. We came back home refreshed and ready to conquer the week.
  2. SELF CARE NIGHT! Ladies, this is a MUST! I make it my duty to do a self-care night once a week. On this night I have an alcoholic beverage (or a few), throw on some jams, lock myself in the bathroom and pamper myself. To pamper myself I like to soak in the tub or sometimes I do a body scrub either way, it’s all about ME.
  3. WAKE UP EARLY! You may be thinking… GIRL, WHAT! Yes, I said it. Wake up an hour before work. Get in a workout, cook a big breakfast, read a book, meditate, HELL whatever you can do in that hour DO IT. I feel so accomplished throughout my day when I wake up early.
  4. TREAT YO SELF! Sometimes we need a little treat. Whether it be a new outfit from Deegirl or a new body scrub from target. Get something that’s going to make you excited!
  5. CALL OFF OF WORK! Tell'em you can’t come in today. Simple as that! Take the day and don’t do a DAMN THANG! Lay around the house, watching movies, SLEEPPPPP for as long as you want, EAT whatever you want and how ever much you want! THIS IS YOUR DAY to be Kid-less, Spouse-less and WORK-less.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a mom, student or working full time - Get out of the routine girl and SPICE IT UP sometimes!

I hope this post helps! Check out our other posts for a good read!



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